Allied Wait List

BOMA Austin currently has a waiting list for Allied Members. To be placed on the waiting list you must first submit your application for membership along with a $250.00 one-time, non-refundable application fee. Once vacancies are available, you will be afforded BOMA membership status. Annual membership dues are $1,000.00 when you move from waiting list status to full membership status.

We will be in contact with you when you are moved from the waiting list to full membership. We anticipate that it could take up to thirty-six (36) months to move from the waiting list to full membership status.  Here is the current list of those on the Allied Wait List as of 10/6/22: 1) In # order Signed Up 2) In order by Company Name.

In the meantime, one person from the company on the waiting list may attend up to three (3) monthly luncheons per year (if space allows) and sponsor BOMA events once sponsorship opportunities open up to our waiting list members.  During this time those on waiting list are not allowed to participate in committees or planning activities.

You can escalate your removal from the wait list by recruiting two new Principal Property Managers who are involved in Commercial Real Estate (office, industrial, medical, mixed use, government) and not already a member of BOMA Austin.  Contact our office if you have two property managers to recruit and we will advise of proper steps.

To apply for our waiting list, you need to complete our online application form and submit a one-time non-refundable $250.00 application fee. (select the Wait List radio button). Once we receive your waiting list fee, that date will establish your position on the waiting list.

For questions please email