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Types of Membership

We offer three types of membership in BOMA Austin; Principal Members, Allied Members and Affiliate Members. Principal Members are companies that own or manage commercial real estate, Allied Members are companies that provide goods or services to Principal Members, and Affiliate Members are those who represent other entities interested in supporting BOMA Austin and the betterment of the commercial real estate industry.

Principal Membership (Real Estate Owners and Managers)

Membership is represented by the real estate owner, asset manager, property manager, facility manager, building engineering staff and other support staff.

Property Managers, annual membership dues are based upon the square footage of the representative's property portfolio as stated in the chart below. Members of their portfolio’s support team are then eligible for membership in the Support Staff and Emerging Professional category.

Support Staff - $440.00/Annually
Membership is open to individuals employed by a Commercial Real Estate Firm or Owner, to include Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, Bookkeepers, Leasing Agents and Building Engineers.

Emerging Professional - $220.00/Year for 2 Years
Membership is open to any individual who is joining BOMA Austin for the first time (new member) and has been employed by a Commercial Real Estate Firm or Owner for 5 years or less. The dues amount is 50% of the amount charged for Support Staff. Members qualify for this category for two years, then will be moved to another membership type based on job function.

Senior Executive - $500/Annually
Membership is open to those working with the Commercial Real Estate Industry at a senior level and are not part of the team connected to a property or portfolio of properties. Includes, but not limited to Directors, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, and Principals.

Special consideration will given to individuals due to:

  1. Commercial Real Estate Firm or Owner not supportive of your membership;
  2. Currently between positions and seeking employment in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

NOTE: You must contact to qualify for this category.

Annual dues are based upon the square footage of the representative's membership portfolio. See table below:

Member Type Large Portfolio Medium Portfolio Small Portfolio
Facilities >250k sf $900/yr. 50k-250k sf $765/yr. <50k sf $630/yr.
Industrial >4M sf $900/yr. 2M-4M sf $765/yr. <2M sf $630/yr.
Medical >250k sf $900/yr. 50k-250k sf $765/yr. <50k sf $630/yr.
Mid/Hi-Rise Residential >750 units $635/yr. 250-750 units $495/yr. <250 units $405/yr.
Office >250k sf $900/yr. 50k-250k sf $765/yr. <50k sf $630/yr.
Retail >500k sf $900/yr. 50k-500k sf $765/yr. <50k sf $630/yr.


Vendor Partners: BOMA Austin has two types of Vendor Partners.

Allied Membership: Allied Membership shall be open to firms or corporations providing services to the commercial real estate industry, for example those connected with building systems, janitorial, landscape, construction, restoration, etc.  This membership includes for a primary & secondary member or two people.
Dues: $925.00/Annually

Professional Membership: members of recognized professions associated with the commercial real estate industry such as Architects, Attorneys, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Consulting Engineers, Certified Public Accountants, Real Estate Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Utility agencies, and Real Estate Management Consultants. This membership includes for a primary & secondary member or two people.
Dues: $925.00/Annually
Dues: $925.00/Annually

If you are interested in joining BOMA Austin as either an Allied or Professional Member, there is currently a waiting list in place. To be placed on the waiting list you must first submit your application for membership along with a $250.00 one-time, non-refundable application fee. Once vacancies are available, you will be afforded BOMA membership status, but until that time you may attend up to three (3) monthly luncheons and sponsor BOMA events once sponsorship opportunities open up to our waiting list members.

Please contact the BOMA Austin office at for more information.

IMPORTANT: In an effort to assist our Allied Members to get active, participate and build relationships, the Board of Directors requires that certain criteria be met in order to be eligible to renew membership for the following year. Review the renewal criteria policy. Review the renewal criteria policy.

Affiliate Membership - $440.00/Annually

Individuals and individual representatives of other entities (ie: Government offices, City of Austin, etc) interested in supporting BOMA Austin and the betterment of the commercial real estate industry by contributions, or other support, may join BOMA Austin as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate Members have no vote or management in the affairs of BOMA Austin, but shall be entitled to receive all notices, materials and information provided to the general membership and to attend and participate in discussions at any regular or called meeting of the Membership. Annual membership dues are $440.00.

BOMA Austin is professionally managed by CMP Management.

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