From Adversity Comes Greatness: 2020 Year in Review

Property professionals entered 2020 with the expectation that the first year of the new decade would be ripe with opportunities for the commercial real estate industry. Little did we know the challenges that would face us throughout the year. Ironically, the COVID-19 pandemic drew the BOMA network closer together as we pivoted to collaborating and problem solving virtually. In 2021, BOMA is poised to emerge from this challenging time stronger and more innovative than ever before.

Recent News

8 Propositions on Austin Ballot

March 17, 2021
Elections take place on May 1st

BOMA Policy Brief on Climate Change

March 06, 2021
A state and local issue that continues to be a high priority—even during the pandemic—is climate change policies.

Texas BOMA Advocacy

February 18, 2021
Are you aware of these items being presented in this years session?