Education Overview

BOMA Austin is an authorized provider of BOMI Internationals high-quality, advanced education programs. BOMI International, founded in 1970, is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to training professionals in the commercial property management and facility management industries. BOMI International develops specialized courses and comprehensive designation programs for property managers, facility managers, and building engineers and technicians. Visit for complete updates and information.

BOMI Designation Programs

A BOMI International designation is considered a symbol of excellence throughout the property and facility management industry. It verifies that you have the professional skills and experience required to perform at the highest level.

BOMI International offers five Professional Designation Programs:

BOMI Certification Programs:

The BOMI International certificate program is ideal for students who are new to the commercial real estate industry or are upgrading their skills, the certificate program provides credit for academic accomplishments and is a good way to begin your journey toward a BOMI International designation.

Continuing Professional Development

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program requires RPA, FMA, and SMA graduates to acquire 18 points of continuing education credit every three years in order to maintain active status of their designation.

Experience Requirement

To earn a BOMI designation, candidates are required to demonstrate three years of verifiable experience. This policy ensures that people awarded a Designation are high-caliber, well trained professionals


Scholarships are granted annually to qualifying candidates taking classroom courses in any of the following programs.

Exam Questions

Course Delivery Options

As a BOMI International student, you have the option to study in a way that is most convenient for you and your learning style. Check out the options below to find the best course delivery method for your education:

  • Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Corporate Onsite Instruction
  • Self-Study
  • Accelerated Review/ Semester-Length Classroom