Join BOMA Austin

Types of Membership

We offer different types of membership in BOMA Austin for Property Managers, Support Staff, Senior Executives & Vendors who service the commercial real estate industry.

Principal Membership (Real Estate Owners and Managers)

Membership is represented by the real estate owner, asset manager, property manager, facility manager, building engineering staff and other support staff.

Annual dues are based upon the square footage of the representative's membership portfolio. See table below:

Vendor Partners

BOMA Austin has two types of Vendor Partners (currently we have an average two year wait list for Allieds & Professional Members)

Allied Membership shall be open to firms or corporations providing services to the commercial real estate industry, for example those connected with building systems, janitorial, landscape, construction, restoration, etc. This membership includes for a primary & secondary member or two people.

Dues: $925.00/yr

If you are interested in joining BOMA Austin as an Allied Member, there is currently a waiting list in place. To be placed on the waiting list you must first submit your application for membership along with a $250.00 one-time, non-refundable application fee. Once vacancies are available, you will be afforded BOMA active membership status, but until that time you may attend up to three (3) monthly luncheons and sponsor BOMA events once sponsorship opportunities open up to our waiting list members.

Please contact the BOMA Austin office at for more information.

Affiliate Membership

Those who are represent other entities interested in supporting BOMA Austin and the betterment of commercial real estate (government & educational entities).