Allied Renewal Requirements

BOMA Austin is interested in insuring that all members are active in the association to keep the association strong. Experience has shown that members who are actively involved receive many benefits. Participation by the Allied and Professional members contributes to the success with BOMA Austin and will help you receive value from your membership. Therefore:
The Board of Directors requires each Allied and Professional member to meet three out of the following four criteria to be eligible to renew membership for the subsequent year (2023):
  • Personally attend at least 50% of BOMA sponsored functions - specifically these include the monthly luncheons, the golf tournament, and/or special events. 
  • Actively volunteer & participate on a committee(s). You will be required to attend at least 50% of the scheduled committee meetings. Attendance and active participation will be tracked by the Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair and reported to the Membership Committee.
  • Bring two eligible member candidates to a BOMA function. This includes any Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager or Chief Engineer, from any of the Principal Member CRE product categories – office, industrial, medical, retail, and residential hi-rise as well as state,federal,county, and city entities are all eligible candidates.
  • Provide a minimum $500.00 financial sponsorship of a BOMA activity(ies)–such as one of the annual events - the golf tournament and/or special event, monthly luncheon, seminar, scholarship; etc.
You will note that not all of the criteria involve financial sponsorship as the Board wants to recognize contributions of time as well as those of money. The important key is participation!
Prior to sending 2024 renewal dues statements, BOMA Austin staff will examine the current year’s Allied and Professional member status as to achieving these criteria and report those not in compliance to the Board of Directors.   If you fail to meet 3 or the 4 criteria your membership in BOMA Austin will not be eligible for renewal.